poems by: Scott Laudati

(Kuboa Press)

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There is neither warm beer nor cold women in Laudati’s New York tableaux”- Sean Keenan, 

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“The collection is like the young hopes of a teenager with the hardened pessimism of a old man. It’s pages are thick, the words are blood and bone …”- Ben John Smith, Horror Sleaze & Trash

“Hawaiian Shirts In The Electric Chair- it’s still cool to read books”- Denise Borders, Punk World Views

“What comes through most is that Laudati doesn’t feel like some privileged rich kid trying to slum it in order to find credibility. He walks the walk, and in that I felt an instant connection to his heart and his words”- Jeff Suwak, Beyond The Tempest Gate

“… the relationships throughout the poems are the stuff of pureness and pain and pleasure.”- Kelly Ann Jacobson, Cairo In White